Kapchorwa protests Minister Cheptoris victory

Kapchorwa protests Minister Cheptoris victory

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The voting population of Kapchorwa Municipality has rejected the recent alleged victory of minister Cheptoris in the just concluded NRM party parliamentary polls and insisted that it was Rt.Maj. Leonard Chemonges whom they rightly voted for.

The strong message of descent from that community means that Cheptoris might be headed for bigger political trouble given that if Chemonges petition is positively upheld he might suffer a humiliating defeat as the battle ground has been drawn.

BE CALM MY VOTERS;Rt.Maj.Chemonges on phone as he handed in his petition in Kampala.

Chemonges said that the minister’s alleged victory out rightly qualifies with conditions of a bad election.

Afande Chemonges told this website yesterday in Kampala shortly after dropping in his protest petition at the party electoral commission offices that he was yet to recover from his shock over what he described as nasty events that took place on polling day.d wants the EC to cancel the election all together.

The retired combatant said it  was alleged that his opponent who doubles as a cabinet minister in the ministry of water and environment  reportedly splashed dime amounting to over 3bn/= of which he openly dished out to the anxious voters.

‘Ive come to Kampala not for a party but to register my disappointment whereby  Cheptoris openly   reportedly intimidated my supporters, orchestrating  violence, ferrying goons who participated in multiple voting of which acts collectively  led to the outright stealing of my sweet victory’ fumed Chemonges.

It is reported that minister using all state machinery dished out between 30-50k to each voter as they lined up to cast their vote of which act heavily influenced the voter pattern.

He warned that if the Dr.Tanga Odoi commission doesn’t prevail over these issues by cancelling the vote and holding a fresh poll, he may be compelled to return as an independent because his supporters have demanded so.

The minister was not available for comment by press time.


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