Kween’s Chekwel petitions EC over poll theft

Kween’s Chekwel petitions EC over poll theft

B Kitts D.Mabonga


The incumbent woman Member of Parliament for Kween district Hon.Chekwel Lydia is shedding buckets of tears after she was reportedly voted out of office by the population.

She strongly accused the district registrar for reportedly messing up the entire process when they appointed and deployed election officials who were biased against her thus leading to her loss.

Chekwel insisted that the district registrar did not effectively implement the party chairman’s directive of allowing all eligible village party members to vote but used the doctored registers to rig her out.

SEEKING JUSTICE;Hon.Chekwel Lydia extreme right registering her details in the poll petition book.

This development came to light Thursday when she delivered her petition challenging Cherukut Rose Emma for reportedly stealing her sweet victory through clandestine means like inflating voter registers and using the nearby UPDF military barracks to kick her out of office.

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