Nabila  to become next Kampala city Lord Mayor

ABOVE; Hon Nabila addressing the media at the UJA offices in Kawempe last week and is flanked by UJA administrative officer Mr.Kiyimba.

Nabila  to become next Kampala city Lord Mayor

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The outgoing Kampala district woman member of parliament Hon.Nabila Nagaayi Sempala has  revealed how she is determined to become the next Lord Mayor of Kampala because she has all the basic principals befitting her  to occupy that  lucrative seat.

The new shocking development came to light last week during a media discourse she attended and interacted with members of the media held at the Kawempe Keti Falawo zone headquarters of the Uganda journalists Association [UJA].

WOMAN OF THE PEOPLE AND INTEGRITY; Hon Nabila pouring her heart out as she officially announced her intentions to contest as new Kampala lord mayor come 2021.

Nabila told the over 50 scribes during the session  moderated by the UJA administrative officer Mr. Kiyimba that she was not bothered by the fact that her FDC party bosses clandestinely denied her a ticket to contest in the party primaries of which act left her with no option but to come and contest as an independent Lord Mayor for Kampala.

She denied allegations that her new position of standing as new lord mayor for Kampala might rub their family relations the bad way saying that she was doing political work and cannot bring in issues of the family.

It is reported that Nabila is related to current Kawempe north MP Latif Sebagala and former Kampala mayor ahajji Nasser Ntege Sebagala who ironically are both eyeing for the same seat of lord mayor slot.

IS IT DOUBLE STANDARDS; The outgoing Kampala Lord Mayor Mr.Erias Lukwago who intends to return for the same seat on the FDC party after the party reportedly denied Nabila access to the  ticket during nominations and primary elections to contest for the same seat.

‘Politics has no relationship  with family affairs and am coming to ensure that the office of lord mayor is given to me because of my simple but powerful credentials of which I’ve built overtime and therefore issues of relationship with the Sebagala cannot arise at this moment’ clarified Nabila.

Nabila  who is reportedly very influential among most communities across all the divisions of Kampala is very likely to become the next Lord Mayor come 2021 a position that has sent shock waves among most political camps like that of the outgoing Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago among others.

‘Am thanking all my supporters in the FDC party and across the political divide  for having given me an opportunity to serve you in parliament for the last three straight terms and am also using this very opportunity to ask for your mandate to  serve as the new Kampala district lord mayor come 2021’ pleaded Nabila.

‘Am a single mother and a staunch FDC member who wants to return and serve my people of Kampala in the capacity of  lord mayor because we have moved a long journey and it was time for me  as the lady of Kampala to steer development while seating at city hall as lord mayor’ noted the lady political firebrand.

An independent survey conducted by some political think tank group in Kampala recently published its report findings which suggested that Nabila was the leading low profile but strategic political actor when it comes to the development agenda of the vulnerable populations among most communities within Kampala district.

It was reported that Nabila through her charity organization known as ‘Arms around Africa foundation’ has been instrumental in reaching out to the most vulnerable populations and offering economic empowerment skills training programs to these young people especially youth and women who have managed to set up own income generating projects as a vehicle of fighting the rampant poverty among their communities especially during this Covid-19 pandemic era.

She managed to quietly reach out to hundreds of women, youth and elderly groups within the district and taking to them not food but skills that boast them to interest themselves in programs that help alleviate poverty among their individual household levels.

And as we conclude this story, the research report point out that most of the youth groupings especially soccer academies, women and the elderly among all the divisions are ran under her foundation from where these people have acquired skills that has positively improved on their livelihoods for a better living.


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