NRM deploys 13 lawyers to sort out 373 election petitions

ABOVE; Mr.Richard Todwong while addressing the media as minister of state for ICT and national guidance Peter Ogwang look on.

NRM deploys 13 lawyers to sort out 373 election petitions

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The ruling NRM party has deployed a total of 13 lawyers with the strategic mandate of hearing and disposing of the 373 losers petitions of the recently held parliamentary primaries elections.

The remarks were yesterday made by the party legal director Oscar Kihika alongside the deputy secretary general of the party Richard Todwong while addressing a news conference in Kampala.

He said hearing of these petitions shall begin this Friday for one week and held at the district NRM offices were both petitioners and reported winners shall be summoned to determine the truth.

DISCUSSINGNRM BUSINESS;Their NRM party director legal affairs MR.Oscar Kihika speaks to the press as the party sound speaker Rogers Mulindwa looks on yesterday in Kampala.

Kihika warned those that would have lost out on the vote not to choose to stand as independents though it is their right for the good of the party, it not sound well as this leads to the split of votes thus losing out to the opposition.

Todwong said they do not regret if the NRM went out of its way and bought bicycles and motorbikes for its local district leaders while the central government fails to sort out its promise.

NRM PARTY FREEBIES; Some of the hundreds of motor cycles that the party shall be distributing to all its sub county party bosses beginning with the Busoga region this week.

However  state minister for ICT and national guidance Peter Ogwang clarified and said the ministry of local government has plans of procuring the bikes for all the over 68,000 villages of Uganda and motorcycles for sub-county bosses to easy their mobility job.

They boasted how the NRM was strong because it was able to field a total over 1,421 candidates competing for just 269 parliamentary slots while 495 women against 124 slots respectively.



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