Aggrey Awori eyes  Elderly house seat for Eastern region

Aggrey Awori eyes  Elderly house seat for Eastern region

By Kitts D.Mabonga


Former Samia Bugwe North  parliamentary  member from  Busia district   in the previous years  Hon. Aggrey Siryoyi Awori has decided to return and contest as member of parliament representing the elderly persons for Eastern region on the NRM ticket because he boosts of his vast experience in legislative issues and would positively debate for his constituency to the dot.

Awori who had turned up for a meeting with the NRM electoral commission on Friday in Kampala told this website that he was determined to ensure that he fills the missing gaps in the legislation issues affecting the elderly population of the country and was seeking the mandate to fight for the rights of these visibly marginalized community.


RECONCILIATION; Hon.Awori trying to reconcile the political leaders from his home district of Busia who participated in the recent party election.

He complained that for a long time Bukedi sub region comprising of district such as Busia,Butaleja,Tororo among others have never been represented on the central executive committee of the NRM [CEC]  which he claims was unfair and he wants the anomaly fixed for the good of the party.

He said Teso has Capt.Mike Mukula as CEC Eastern with Dominic Gidudu elderly league Eastern and Rebecca Kadaga speaker and CEC 2nd national vice chairperson woman among others.

He said party chairman Gen.Yoweri Museveni should urgently look into this anomaly because members are demanding for representation for the good of the party.

Awori has served as a career  diplomat in both  Brussles and Washington DC in the US, minister for ICT, first manager of UTV and  Radio Uganda before he concluded that page as MP Samia Bugwe North in Busia district respectively.

He said the elderly population had been marginalized for long by government and was of the view that once given the mandate, he would effectively bring on the floor of the house practical policies that favor the elderly as free medical access, welfare offered by the state given that they had paid taxes to the government for the rest of their lifetime since during their youthful days until retirement.


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