Maam Kisanja reveals her political plan for elderly

Maam Kisanja reveals her political plan for elderly persons

By Kitts D.Mabonga


AS the election polling day for the NRM parliamentary primaries for  the special interest groups gets nearer,Hon. Busingye Peninah Kalenge who is scheduled to represent the elderly in Central region has revealed her master plan that would greatly benefit the elderly population.

DETERMINED TO DELIVER MY TEAM.Hon.Busingye during the interview at her posh offices in Ntinda.

Busingye popularly known as Maam kisanja told this website this week at her offices in Ntinda that she would lobby parliament to ensure that government builds a special wing for elderly patients among district hospitals to specifically deal with this important but fragile population.

‘Am saying that once I join parliament next year, my plans are to lobby government to ensure that special wings for the elderly persons are constructed at all district hospitals so that these respected poisons are given full attention whenever they visit these facilities for medication purposes’ noted Busingye.

She said at 71 years of age she wants to ensure that the welfare  of the elders of Central region are enhanced and given due priority by the government because they are such an important constituency which should not be brushed aside.

She urged all the voters in the region to wake up early on the 10th next month and rush to their district headquarters were voting shall take place and ensure that they strictly vote for Busingye maam kisanja for positive benefits that shall spill over in the next parliament.

‘Am the best candidate who should be given the mandate to represent the elders in the next parliament because I have been instrumental in lobbying government to offer vulnerable populations services that can improve on their livelihoods like SACCOs, and skilling programs among others’ she pointed out.


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