Namisindwa defends Masika house  victory

 Namisindwa defends Masika house  victory

By Our Reporter


The voters of Namisindwa county constituency have vowed to defend the sweet victory of their incumbent member of parliament of whom they returned as their new NRM party flag bearer for the looming 2021 general elections.

They contend that they voted for Hon.Masika Apollo who is the incumbent MP after reportedly establishing that he still had some pending programs to deliver.

DEFENDING VICTORY; Hon Masika speaks to the media in Kampala last week.

Masika told this website this week shortly after lodging in his victory defense in Kampala against his opponent that he worn after pulling 18,800 votes and dully declared the winner but was shocked to learn that his opponent had challenged the will and voices of the people of Namisindwa.

Masika urged his opponent to join him in the interest of the party and ensure that they work for the good of the people of this great district.

He said he would continue to lobby friends from abroad among countries like Canada, Australia and USA in enduring that they bring about tangle development opportunities in the district.

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