Steven Mugole defends his sweet victory

Steven Mugole defends his sweet victory

By Our Reporter


The voters of Kabweri County in Kibuuku district are reportedly threatening to teach their incumbent and outgoing MP for reportedly trying to distort their election victory for Hon.David Steven Mugole.

The voters claim that they openly voted for Hon.Mugole and not Joseph Moiti but were shocked to learn that Moiti had petitioned Dr.Tanga Odoi the party election body chief with claims that Mugole cheated him.

It was reported that the locals are waiting to see what steps Tanga takes because the registrar declared Mugole as winner after beating Moiti in nine sub counties with the later winning only one sub county.

Mugole is a senior trade unionist in the country whose contribution to government as the voice of private sector workers has helped transform the welfare of the workers despite the corona virus pandemic challenge.

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