Bishop Kibuuka lauds Museveni for reopening worship places

Bishop Kibuuka lauds Museveni for reopening worship places

By Kitts D.Mabonga


It is exactly six months ever since  president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni sent the entire Uganda  on an indefinite lock down courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic that still ravages the world even as you read this news.

And it is exactly one week ever since the same president relaxed the lock down especially on places of worship which announcement sent millions of worshipers in total jubilation.

Among them is the Bishop of the Mamre prayer palace international in Namugongo, Kira Municipality Wakiso district Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka who told this website yesterday that he was very glad that the president has finally reopened their worship places because the country needed prayers of which must be conducted by the entire congregation in anticipation that almighty God may heal the world of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He congratulated his worshipers for being patient for all this longtime and said they are organizing a special thanks giving prayer soon to thank God for keeping Uganda alive despite the escalating cases of both corona virus infections and fatalities and urged them to turn up.

The Bishop Kibuuka last held an open church prayer service during celebration of the Uganda Martyrs day which falls on June 3rd each year of our Lord.

He pointed out during his special sermon that all people should use this time of the Covid-19 pandemic to cherish peace, unity in diversity, and above all respect the ministry of health guidelines of fighting the corona virus like observing the social distancing principal, staying at home, and washing hands at all times for their own good.

Turning to the political electioneering season standoff, he cautioned that there was no need for Ugandans to kill each, spread harmful propaganda among other misdeeds but to remember that Uganda is for all today, tomorrow and in the future insisting that Politics should not divide the country.

He thanked president Museveni for his wise leadership that has clearly steered the country on the right path against falling deep into the corona virus trap and also thanking almighty God for keeping Uganda blessed despite the Covid-19 pandemic saying all people should continue praying hard so that this pandemic comes to pass without taking any single life of our the population.

The Archbishop of the Worldwide Anglican Church, the most Rev.  Lwanga Tusubira who was a guest to Bishop Kibuuka said  he was confident God would never abandon his people despite these challenging moments however urged all to continue worshiping him at all times so that a miracle can occur anytime soon.

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