Farmers hail AGT Technologies for empowering them in adoption of new farming technologies

Farmers hail AGT Technologies for empowering them  in adoption of new farming technologies

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The farming community of greater Masaka has commended AGT technologies Ltd. for strategically bailing them out of entrenched poverty after they embraced the planting of the high quality yield tissue culture seedlings like matooke, passion fruit, Irish potatoes and tomatoes among others.

The developments came to light last Sunday when this website visited the farmers of Mpigi and greater Masaka region to find out how they relate with AGT technologies and the story was so inspiring.

RICH GARDEN; Hajji Sembuzze attending to his highly fertile tomato garden.

All those persons that took for granted or ignored the vast benefits embedded in these new AGT tissue culture seedlings technologies are currently regretting as the first beneficiaries of the project are now entrenched millionaires with huge capacity and capability to send their children to school, buy themselves pickup trucks and motorbikes to easy transportation on the farmland and able to solve other societal challenges.

The farmers from Nkozi Sub County said they are very grateful with Mr.Erostus Nsubuga who is the company chief executive officer for his incredible innovations through modern agricultural practices that have enabled them reap big returns from their farms after embracing his technologies.

AM A HAPPY FARMER; A visibly excited small holder farmer is seen appreciating his passion fruit garden of which skills and technologies are from AGT Technologies.

The farmers have urged government to officially recognize the great works done by Mr.Erostus Nsubuga as board chairman of AGT Technologies of discovering his new tissue culture seedlings varieties and other innovations that have directly empowered them in overcoming poverty.

‘We call upon our government led by president Yoweri Museveni to respect our voices though small by officially recognizing the great works and efforts put in place by Mr.Nsubuga of coming up with these very unique but important tissue culture seedlings of which we adopted in a joking way only to realize that they have enormously helped us to grow our incomes by use of the gardens’ noted the elderly farmers from Nkozi sub county in Mpigi district.

HAPPY FAMILY EFFORTS; This family is busy attending to their matooke garden of which they claim has helped them imp-rove on their household incomes through selling off some of the food.

They also thanked Mr.Nsubuga for recently accepting to open up a strategic seedlings distribution office at Katonga along the Kampala-Masaka highway of which has attracted many new farmers who are now conveniently  grabbing  the seedlings which goes for 2,500/= per seedling and planting them on well prepared  small scale pieces of farmland.

The new beneficiaries among them the youth who had previously been engaged in acts of gambling and smoking opium among small urban trading centers along the highway have shocked the local government authorities when they quickly jumped on the bandwagon as initiated by hajji Sembuzze Muhammad the seedlings distribution manager who is the first beneficiary of the project which is good news to the communities of those areas.

‘Mr. Nsubuga has liberated us from abject poverty when he first engaged hajji Sembuuze by training him from the Buloba based AGT farm along the Kampala –Mityana highway ‘ they observed.

They explained that   when he brought the matooke seedlings to Nkozi, they   clearly thought it was the usual joke but to their utter shock and surprise, the new matooke species picked up concurrently and within only five months after planting, Sembuze begun harvesting the matooke thus winning him plenty of money.


They pointed out that basing on that position, AGT has now become a household name among their communities and they would never abandon

Mr.Nsubuga because his good heart of sharing with local poor farmers of greater Masaka was much appreciated and would never be forgotten.

The farmers wondered as to why the operation wealth programs [OWC] of the government was not effectively responding to the strategic needs of the local farmers because most times the officials normally distribute either ignorantly or clandestinely the wrong seedlings in the wrong seasons of which leads to total failure of the whole program yet it has good intentions.

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