Museveni lauds Gidudu over  creation of elderly parliamentary project

[ABOVE] Mr.Gidudu in blue shirt listening in with colleagues during the meeting with Dr.Tanga Odoi last week in Kampala.

Museveni lauds Gidudu over  creation of elderly parliamentary  project

By Our Reporter


President Yoweri Museveni has commended the  NRM party  central executive committee [CEC]  member  representing  elderly persons  for his wise architectural works that subsequently opened up  the way  for  parliament to  allow  elderly persons to be represented in parliament saying this constituency is very critical in society.

Mr.Dominic Mafwabi Gidudu  is reportedly thanked  by the president because it was his  exclusive lobbying for  the creation of the post of elderly  persons to be represented in  parliament so that their views as pensioners  can be well articulated on the floor of the august  house.

NRM PARTY BOSS WISHES HIS CANDIDATES  VICTORY; Party chairman Gen.Yoweri Museveni flashing his victory sign.

Sources in state house told this website yesterday in Kampala that it was Gidudu’s project of lobbying the president and the powers that be that finally proposed to the speaker of parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga to expeditiously allow debate and finally passing the amendment allowing the creation of five parliamentary slots for the elderly person.

And as fate would have it, not withstanding everybody’s guess,  Gidudu   was reportedly personally encouraged by the president himself to go and contest so that he can benefit from his lobbying  skills which means that as CEC member, he was not picking a salary but doing voluntary party work.

ONE FAMILY.Members of the NRM elder’s league celebrating   shortly after attending their meeting with the electoral commission bosses discussing their election road map.

Political analysts say that as he has now stood to contest for the post of MP for the elderly representing Eastern region, he is mostly likely to eat big given the reported full backing from state house   and for that matter he would swiftly be moving to draw a salary from the consolidated fund of which would help him prepare for has final political journey  from the streets of  Kampala the base of all tribes of luxury, headed towards  that  little village path of his ancestral  burial grounds.

Gidudu exclusively confirmed to this website yesterday that he was officially cleared by the president to contest from were he comes from and was sure of a landslide victory given the enormous support he enjoys from multiple grounds.

He however expressed deep concern that some of his opponents in the same game are reportedly bitter with his intended intentions to contest for that slot but he slammed them calling them unfair group of people who do not appreciate the big role he has played to bring about this new constituency that would add value to the country.

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