Maama Kisanja Celebrates elder’s International day

Maama Kisanja Celebrates elder’s International  day

By Our Reporter


As Uganda  joined the rest of  world  to celebrate the international day for the elderly, some aspiring politicians in the coming elections have taken chance to send out their messages praising God for keeping them alive and kicking despite the many challenges like Covid-19.

FOUNTAIN OF HONOR; President Museveni this week hosted the elderly persons at state house durinbg celebration of their international day.

Busingye Peninah Kalenge as known as Maama Kisanja  who is expected to become the next member of parliament representing the elderly persons for Central region  come the 19th of October which is their polling  day, also took chance to congratulate the elderly persons of Uganda upon reaching this great day.

President Museveni this week officially hosted delegation of elderly persons in state house Entebbe were the state function of the day was held and urged the elders to remain strong because the NRM government cares about them and that is why they recently created five posts in parliament just to allow them air out their concerns at legislation level so that attention can be effected.

She thanked them for reaching this great day and urged them to fight on by participating in the economic development agenda of the country by ensuring that they send her to parliament so that she can effectively articulate key issues that affect them as a vulnerable community.


Busingye whose campaign team is currently combing all the 39 districts and municipalities within the central region said the elderly persons of Uganda should embrace the culture of loving one another at all times despite their old age.

She urged government to increase on the elderly persons monthly take home package of 25,000 to something better because they have many challenges especially welfare and healthy related issues.

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