What you missed at Namugongo’s Mamre prayer center

[ABOVE] PREACHING GOD’S WORD;  Senior members of clergy delivering the spiritual message of God top the attentive flock. 

What you missed at Namugongo’s Mamre prayer center

By Kitts D.MMabonga


When the president officially allowed places of worship to re open, many people got excited to an extent that they  prayed to the lord to prevail of the corona virus that had kept them out of person to person interaction in praising him and also  strictly observed the standard operating procedures [SOPs]  as set out by the ministry of health in light in light of the escalating Covid-19 pandemic.

And among excited leaders was the Bishop of the Namugongo based Evangelical Orthodox church, clergy man Jacinto Kibuuka who told this website that they  thank almighty God for bringing back this day were the president took a tough decision to reopen places of worship after six months of total closure.

He urged the parents to send their children to school when that opportunity comes because educating the child is investing in the new world of tomorrow and also urged  his flock to return to the church for spiritual nourishment and repentance so that God the most merciful and provider may forgive them.

Bishop Kibuuka said the youth and women should return and  invest their energies in economic productive ventures as opposed to wasting time and energy in gambling efforts that may endanger their future however he thanked all religious persons for standing with  him in prayer of which effectively led to the miraculous reopening of worship places saying everybody should thank God for that dedication.

Below we bring you pictures of what happened


SINGING FOR ALMIGHTY GOD; Members of the church choir doing their thing as visibly excited flock look on.


ENFORCING MINISTRY OF HEALTH  COVID-19 GUIDELINES; Officials of the church sanitizing persons coming in to attend their maiden church service last week.

COMMUNICATING WITH ALMIGHTY GOD THE MOST MERCIFUL; Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka speaking to the media shortly after conducting their first mass in Namugongo last week.

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