What you did not know about Nabila’s community services projects

 What you did not know about Nabila’s community services projects

How Nabila shall win the Kampala lord mayor job

By Kitts D.Mabonga


Many people in this country have been wondering where the incumbent Kampala district woman member of parliament Hon Naggayi Nabila Sempala gets her popularity especially among most suburbs of her political constituency but today this website exposes her power command post.

Hon.Nabila has been in parliament for the last three straight terms representing the country’s biggest political constituency of Kampala on an FDC party ticket which is the capital city and business hub of mother Uganda.


This outgoing legislator told this website several  weeks ago while addressing a media discourse at the Kawempe Ketifalo based Uganda journalists Association [UJA] headquarters that she would not return as woman district MP but move to contest as city  lord mayor of  this great city.

Indeed she applied this very chilling strategy to move and get nominated to contest on the national unity platform [NUP] party ticket, an act which has clearly sent shock waves and panic among her immediate opponents.

However top political analysts in Kampala have told us that Nabila’s recent bold political actions have sent a tough warning signal to all those trying to contest for that  job because of her well researched political tools of canvassing for votes among the most vulnerable populations of this voting bloc.

We managed to intercept Nabila reaching out to several slums of this city and helping build capacities of children,women,youth,elderly and persons with disabilities through giving them strategic messages of hope especially during these Covid-19 pandemic era were most families are finding it very difficult to copy up with life.

Through her NGO popularly known as  Arms around Africa foundation (AAAF) which is a Pan-African non-profit social development organization, she has been able to closely engage thousands of the local people of the above categories who have basically agreed to move with her during  this new political journey leading to the city hall white house.


It follows a holistic program to nurture and hone talents and skills of disadvantaged children, youth and women from very diverse backgrounds and seeks to improve on family livelihoods in slums of disadvantaged communities from across Africa.

This NGO is reportedly dedicated to rescuing vulnerable children and rehabilitating them through talent promotion, health care, education, and to grooming them into useful members of the future community.

The foundation is currently running four Flagship projects and programs and these include; Happy Children Mobile Center, Educational / Resource centers, a Medical center and a Cultural Center (Makindye Cultural Center).

Other partnership projects being undertaken include; Women Savings Initiatives, Farmers groups, Vocational training and Vegetable gardens (Urban Farming) to support the centers.


​​Started by Nabila way back in 2006,in 2012, (AAAF) was a branch of the Family Development Initiatives (FDI) that nurtures the African child through building educational centers, medical centers and hostels for orphans and vulnerable communities.

​It is reportedly registered locally here in Uganda with its headquarters in Makindye division Kampala with operations all over Uganda but also the same Foundation currently has chapters in Kenya, Tanzania, and Eswatini (Swaziland) and is in the process of opening up chapters in the remaining parts of Africa.

Sources revealed that AAAF has resource mobilization offices both in Canada and the USA of which are used in building the spiritual, mental and economical empowerment capabilities of people among the city slum communities of Kampala.

The Target focus

We are seeking support to raise a million gently used toys, which are sturdy enough to be shared and then repacked on a scheduled rotational play and interactive sessions.


Addressing the basic need for lack of recreation spaces and the Right to Play for Children in the urban poor neighborhoods.


Identifying and Transforming spaces in poor slums such as alleys, dumpsites and unbuilt plots into virtual Child-friendly play Environments.

About the happy children Center project

The Happy Children Mobile Center is a virtual play unit with educational materials, creative play, free play, sports and games on wheels that engage children in slums.

The administrators of the organization do collect used toys and reading books from well-wishers and reach out to vulnerable children aged between 3 – 12 years in a scheduled rotational play and interactive sessions.

Their core outreaches birthed many children with different challenges in life like disabled, malnourished, severely diseased, abandoned, orphans and vulnerable children that need emergency assistance to thrive.


Hon. Naggayi Nabilah Sempala is a distinguished politician, a very vocal community and human rights activist, leader and Public administrator on the Standing committee of Human Rights of Parliament.

She has a wealth of experience in leadership and politics having served as an elected leader both at the local government and national level.


She is very knowledgeable in Women’s advocacy strategies and is an avid Children Rights Defender.

Nabila is a unique citizen of impeccable patriotic values, possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Languages (German and French) and also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, among other qualifications.

This legislator has had golden opportunities make strategic topical presentations at several key international conferences and workshops and given various keynote addresses across the nation.

Anybody out there willing to extend any form of support to these kids can reach them via email armaroundafricafoundation.org

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