Laura Kanusho new MP Winner for National PWD Female

Laura Kanusho new MP Winner for National PWD Female

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The headquarters of the NRM party electoral commission was today filled with tears of joy as the results for the special interest group parliamentary aspirants which were held yesterday across the country were being declared by Dr.Tanga Odoi.

Tanga declared Mrs. Laura Kanusho Opori as the winner for the national female  member of parliament  for  persons with disabilities [PWDs] after harvesting   1,676 votes representing 69.4%  of the vote cast beating her immediate opponent  and outgoing  slot MP Safia Nalule Juucko who garnered 739 votes [30.6% the highest votes.

Dr.Tanga officially hands over the declaration certificate to Luara in Kampala today.

Laura while making her maiden victory remarks to the media with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks used the opportunity to thank all her voters across the country for entrusting her with the mandate to represent them in the next august house on the NRM party ticket saying she would never betray them.

‘Thank you all my voters for accepting to eat those billions of dime that was injected into the poll and you took the right decision by choosing to vote for your poor daughter Laura’, she noted as real tears rolled down her cheeks in apparent excitement.

Laura said she would continue with her role of offering probono services to all PWDs who are faced with legal challenges because they are a marginalized population that deserve to be heard before the temple of justice.

MOMENT OF JOY; Hon.Laura Kanusho Opori in kitengi jubilates as the EC boss Dr.Tanga Odoi declares her the winner.

She thanked all the incumbent members of parliament for PWDs who warmly welcomed her while she visited their district in search for votes saying that sisterly heart should be rewarded by the Almighty God the most merciful and provider for all.

Laura was commended by her supporters for finally uprooting Hon.Safia Nalule who had taken that constituency seat for keeps saying she was a strong and courageous lady who was likely to fight for the rights of PWDs in the country.


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