Maama Kisanja  urges losers to join her in serving NRM  

Maama Kisanja  urges losers to join her in serving NRM   

By Our Reporter


Busingye Peninah Kalenge who is the newly elected   NRM  central region  elders parliamentary  flag bearer has urged all those that she stood with in the just concluded polls to kindly join her as they prepare  for the last journey of joining the next parliament come 2021.

She told the media yesterday at Kyadondo were she had gone to pick her official victory results notification documents that despite of her landslide win, they all still remain of the same family with same political interests.

 TEAM OF VICTORY; Busingye with cap yesterday visiting the NRM EC offices seeking to collect her victory notification documents.

She used the opportunity to thank all those that participated in the nationwide voting exercise especially those that lined behind her saying she has nothing to reward them with but hands them over to the almighty God the most merciful and provider.

Busingye urged all Ugandans to appreciate the governance system of the NRM administration led by his excellency Gen.Yoweri Kaguta Museveni which has consistently kept the country in total peace for all these years saying it was incumbent upon all positive thinking and reasoning persons to give credit where it is due.

The electoral commission boss Dr. Tanga Odoi over the weekend officially declared Busingye as the winner of the house seat for the elders of central region after garnering 166 votes of the total 233 votes cast which the highest number was leaving her opponents to share 57 votes.

Dr.Tanga congratulated Busingye with her formidable campaign team led by Ms.Natasha for securing that sweet and enviable victory without any incident saying they expect her to sail through into the next parliament.

Political analysts in Kampala had earlier on predicted in these website pages how Busingye was the most favorite candidate to carry the Central region NRM party flag because of her strategic planning in as far as employing high tactical and technical campaign tools that eventually worked in her favor thus beating the likes of veteran politician, Capt.Edward Francis Babu.

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