Why NTV Story might send Babu family into ‘political’ limbo

Why NTV Story might  send Babu family into ‘political’ limbo

By Our Reporter


Before the results for the just concluded elections for the special interest groups [SIGs] were released by the Dr.Tanga Odoi commission, both the voters and candidates were expected to react in several ways.

And to that  effect, one of the candidates seeking to be elected as elders MP for the central region, Capt.Francis reportedly went for a special mass at St.Jude church Bukoto to thank God for enabling the elections to be held peacefully.

FAMILY OF POLITICAL ANIMALS; Cedric Ndima Babu extreme right attending the recent Kampala NRM flag bearers meeting at Imperial Hotel in Kampala, which was confined and chaired by Capt Babu and also attended by his sweet heart Margret Zziwa.

Little did he know that he had miserably lost to iron lady Busingye Peninah Kalenge, which  is not a crime however when NTV got hold of the results, its crew decided to ambush him at the church  seeking a comment about the whole election exercise.

It is reported that the aging Babu decided to host the crew for lunch at his luxurious mansion in Kampala but  little that the country guess or know  that the questions from the crafty crew might bring out bad memories of which might politically ruin that family for good.

The crew reportedly put straight questions to Babu by wondering if it was a miracle as the entire family of three people including Babu himself, wife Margaret Nantongo Zziwa who has stood for Nakawa West and son Cedric N.Babu for Kampala central, could  have innocently or coincidentally decided to stand  for the elections.

Political analysts who watched that telecast live on NTV noted that Babu perhaps decided to go on the defensive by clandestinely attempting to defend their family position of choosing to go to parliament saying it is purely an individual’s decision of offering a service to Ugandans and not anything beyond that point.

The Capt was a former minister and MP for Kampala central division a position his son Cedric is also trying to eye at this moment.

Zziwa on her part said it was not wrong for them to participate in political spaces  and they are not the only  family to take up that path giving a live example of the Robert Kyagulanyi who is the leader of the national unity platform [NUP] who is directly involved in politics  with almost all his family team.

Zziwa was the woman MP for Kampala district before she moved on to serve as the East African legislative assembly  as speaker thus earning herself lots of dollars.

Analysts criticize her for reportedly showing high level greed because they expect her to have hanged her political boots after participating in politics at that regional level.

They insist that her clandestine action   does not look nice diplomatically for her again to return and begin fighting with the local ghetto politicians who might one day annoy her by soiling her with all sorts of political dirt.

Cedric Babu on his part   just said he was not aware that his decision to join politics might have been influenced by his parents saying he was a mature person who can freely make his personal decision without being influenced by anybody.

Babu while addressing his members as his wife Zziwa seated extreme left listens in.

It is reported that Babu’s campaign camp was shocked to the bone marrow when earlier election results suggests that the iron lady from the West Busingye Peninah Kalenge had beaten him hands down.

Experts in political issues warned that the NTV story had reportedly cast the Babu’s family into bad political light as it daringly exposed them as a greedy and opportunistic family which wants to take the whole cake.

The experts wonder as therir was no single family in this country’s political spaces that had earlier on tested political power and has decided to return as new comers to fight for the proceeds that come with those lucrative offices.

Watch this space.      

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