Katumwa goes for Nansana Municipality house seat

Katumwa goes for Nansana Municipality house seat

By Kitts D.Mabonga


After being successfully nominated by the independent electoral commission to contest as new Member of Parliament for Nansana Municipality in Wakiso district, Hon. Katumwa David Steele says he was glad that the voters would give him that key mandate.

Hon.Katumwa is a renowned supporter of sports activities in the country for a long time and chief executive officer of the Katumwa sports Centre located opposite Hotel Equatoria along Kyaggwe road.

MAN OF THE PEOPLE’; Hon.David Katumwa Steele speaking to the press shortly after successfully getting nominated yesterday at Wakiso district headquarters.

He told this website yesterday shortly after being nominated at Wakiso district council hall that he was seeking mandate from his voters to represent them in the next august house so that he can make his positive contributions for the good of the country.

“Am very excited that this day has finally come and after officially getting nominated as a contestant for Nansana Municipality as  next member of parliament, am  promising  to deliver two broad ambitious projects like mentoring new future leaders and lobbying for strategic programs that directly benefit my people “ noted the youthful candidate.

He did not support the idea where leaders over stay in power because it compromises their otherwise would be good programs and promised that he would bring about good leadership by ensuring that the people of Nansana Municipality do benefit from all government programs with descrimination.

Katumwa thanked his voters for loving him and urged them to ensure that they vote for Katumwa David Steel come 2021 because he is the best candidate with the real credentials that appreciate the interests of the vulnerable population.

He revealed that he will continue supporting the sports fraternity by way of stimulating the general sports agenda especially nurturing young talents so that they can build their future through sports.

Turning to his general political agenda, Hon.Katumwa said he will ensure that he lobbies parliament to improve the road network, healthcare services, education, and economic empowerment of all categories of the people among others.

He concluded by asking his people to strictly observe the ministry of health Covid 19 guidelines like social distancing, washing hands at all times and wearing of face masks for their own good.


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