Galabuuzi seeks to return to parliament

Galabuuzi seeks to return to parliament

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The outgoing state minister for Luwero affairs Hon.Ssozi Galabuuzi has urged the people of Busiro North to return him to parliament so that he can effectively complete his political program of working on several of the lined up projects for the common good of the population.

Galabuuzi pointed out that they recently brought down the contractor who would be working on the Kakiri,Masuulita,Mawale road network so that once completed the farmers of that stretch would enjoy a smooth road as they transport their produce the market.

He said there are many programs and projects that the central government has in place to benefit the people of greater Wakiso therefore it might be suicidal for them not to return him to the next parliament as planned opportunities may go to waste.

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