ANT fields Seryazi in Entebbe Municipality Calls for urgent debate on post M7 transition


ANT fields Seryazi in Entebbe Municipality

Calls for urgent debate on post M7 transition

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The Alliance for national transformation party (ANT) has sent Hon.Seryazi Wilberforce to grab the Entebbe Municipality house seat come 2021 saying he was the right man to take up that seat.

WISH YOU SUCCESS; Musinguzi hands over the nomination documents to Seryazi.

Hon.Seryazi who was nominated on Friday at Wakiso district headquarters by the elections body Chief Tolbert Musinguzi told the press that he was the right leader to transform Entebbe into  the next development agenda because he had great connections and lobbying skills that he can use to advance the goals of lifting the living standards of his people.

Turning to the sophisticated issue of the post Museveni Uganda,he pointed out that the matter was very delicate and sensitive but must be brought on the table so that all key stakeholders can openly discuss it because Uganda belongs to all Ugandans and that Museveni may not have any short cut to dodge that question.

“ We need to speak the politics of transition from Museveni’s regime to the next because without tangible and meaningful  discussions in that direction, the country may be doomed “ warned Seryazi.

He pointed out that there was urgent need for the country to begin debating about the post Museveni regime because that moment must come at all cost but the question is that how prepared is the country.

NOMINATION TIME; Musinguzi signing the nomination papers for Seryazi.

Seryazi who is s seasonal politician said the time was now for the country to begin positioning its to deal with the power vacuum that may be left behind when Museveni finally goes to rear goats.

He observed that as ANT party they want Museveni to critically take the issue of his transition from power very seriously because if the project is messed up, then a likely political uprising may definitely occur thus expose the population to potential life threatening challenges.

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