Busingye Unveils political program ahead of Nomination

Busingye Unveils political program ahead of Nomination

By Our Reporter


The recently elected NRM flag bearer member of parliament representing elders for central region Hon.Busingye Peninah Kalenge has said she would  ensure that she makes more friends within the house so  that the listed issues affecting  her constituents are effectively taken care of when she finally joins the next parliament.

MOMENT OF VICTORY; Hon.Busingye poses with her campaign team shortly after being declared winner.

Hon.Busingye whose political brand name is Maama Kisanja told this website yesterday in Kampala that her next plan of action shall be to visit and meet key elders from the region purposely to seek their views of which would form the bulk of her manifesto.

‘My next plan of action after the recent victory would be to meet all key elders from my constituency with a view of seeking their views of which I would take to the house for debate because we are very sure my people have many challenges that need to be addressed in parliament’ noted Maama Kisanja.

Her constituency adds up over 40 districts clustered in sub regions like greater Mukono,Luwero,Central and  Buganda.

Busingye shocked the nation when she garnered 166 votes out of 233 voters making Central region electoral college for the elders’ constituency leaving a paltry 57 votes to share among her five competitors including Capt.Babu and Kefa Sempangi.

Political analysts say that Busingye was likely to make good political material in the next parliament because of her experience and connections with most corridors of power.


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