Youth Urged to Invest in joint businesses

ABOVE; Hon Ssekamate extreme right chats with some of the goat meat vendors yesterday of whom he urged to form joint groups so that they can attract funding opportunities.

Youth Urged to Invest in joint businesses

By Our Reporter


The youth who constitute the biggest population in the country have been challenged to form strategic groups so that they can pull resources together and set up joint investment projects.

The appeal was yesterday made by Hon.Ssekamate Magala Bruce who is vying tom become the next member of parliament for Kyadondo East in Wakiso district.

SEEKING POLITICAL SUPPORT; Some of the goat roast project seen brandishing Hon.Ssekamate’s posters yesterday at Kitetika.

He was addressing a group of young people dealing in Goat mchomo roasting services at Kitetika popularly known as Kumbuzi along Gayaza road.

Ssekamate pointed out that young people need to join hands by forming groups so that either the government or any potential donor can easily fund their economic empowerment projects like the one they are currently undertaking of roasting goat mchomo among others.

TIME FOR DELICACIES; The senior team Ssekamate chief Florence Zalwango admires  the neatly roasted  goat mchomo shortly after his team meeting with these vendors.

He used the opportunity to appeal for votes among this group and other groups because he has the potential and capacity of lobbying for possible funding from his friends abroad.

He observed that once the youth come together for  a common purpose, it was very likely that even government can listen to them or any person with capacity to skill them with a view of helping them secure skills to be able to create own jobs in fighting the rampant poverty which is coupled the Covid-19 pandemic.


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