Govt should invest in sports as a profession


Govt should invest in sports as a profession

By Kitts D.Mabonga



The youth  have called upon the government to consider supporting the sports sub sector as it is increasingly  becoming a worldwide  high level income profession which has contributed to the direct growth of the income basket for the individual participants, their families  and their countries at large.

The call was over the weekend made by Arnold Buwembo Nyanja who is the head coach for Seeta United FC in Kasangati town council while addressing a sports gathering at which his team hosted the aspiring member of parliament for Kyadondo East constituency Hon. Ssekamate Magala Bruce to share tips on how best to build a strong and sustainable soccer profession in the country.

THE FEMALE POWER; A cross section of female sports ;ladies listening as Hon.Ssekamate addressed the gathering over the weekend.

Buwembo  who was flanked by his coach Lumansi Geoffrey told the participating young sportsmen and women at the Our Lady of Good Counsel Gayaza Catholic Church playgrounds that it was  important that government seriously thought about investing more resources in the sports sub sector especially soccer because they have already identified the talents but they lack the necessary logistics of promoting it.

‘We have positively identified the talents within our communities but the main challenge is the lack of logistics of promoting the growth of sports  and that is why we look at such people like Hon. Ssekamate to come to our rescue by soliciting for donors to support us given that the government seem to have put its interests elsewhere’ noted Buwembo.

The chairman youth Seeta village Musisi  Isaac and his area councilor Kizito Stephen both thanked the inspiring MP for taking time to visit their village with a sole mission of trying top promote the sporting profession saying they would fully lobby their players to collectively  support him in his political journey by chocking him with votes come 2021.

He thanked Hon Ssekamate who has been in the United Kingdom for the last twenty years busy promoting sporting talents in that country saying it was high time that he saw the light to return home and actively participate in the promotion of sports by choosing to contest and lobby for policy change towards the profession within the chambers of parliament.

VICTORY ON OUR SIDE; Some of the soccer players winning themselves free dime from Ssekamate after answering sports quiz.

Ssekamate whose campaign slogan is the ‘ball’ explained how the British government used sports as a deliberate vehicle of promoting unity in diversity between its citizens and the rest of the world shortly after the last world war that had spilled doom in the world.

He pointed out that sports as a profession has very many direct employment opportunities ranging from individual players,coaches,blogger marketeers, ball boys and all tribes of local and technical jobs including transporters, housing food chain and the media that cover the games among other stakeholders.

‘’ Its very clear that most African countries have not directly benefited from soccer  funding programs under the federation of International football Association [FIFA] because most countries have not effectively supported the holistic development of soccer as a profession and that is why countries largely in West Africa are taking up the lion share of that soccer cake’ lamented Ssekamate.

He pledged to network with friends back in the UK towards seeking funding support for the set up of young soccer academies as a sure vehicle of exposing the hidden talents of young people and fosters them into mainstream international soccer markets for a better pay package.

‘’Embracing Sports is one of my biggest dreams  am going to advocate for once the people of Kyadondo East send me to parliament come next year because ivethe skills of promoting soccer through my huge solid networks  of  soccer and other sports leaderships and individual friends within the UK’’ observed Ssekamate.

He subsequently donated balls to both boys and girls teams alongside cartons of drinking water with a humble message of asking for their votes as the meeting with the group marks as their strategic   beginning of the long term relations between him and the teams.


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