FUE  holds 41st AGM ,Calls for hard work among stakeholders

ABOVE ; THE   FRATERNITY  OF FUE POSING FOR A MEMORABLE GROUP PICTURE. FUE  holds 41st ,Calls hard work among employees By Kitts D.Mabonga MUKONO The Federation of Uganda employers [FUE] has  held its 41st annual general assembly with a call for stronger networking ties between the employers, employees and government for the common good of all the stakeholders amidst this Covid-19 pandemic. The call was yesterday made by the federation board chairman Dr.Eng.Silver Mugisha while addressing the members at a special virtual meeting that was held at their headquarters in Namanve Mukono district. ‘We are very grateful to all members upon reaching this  historical day were we are meeting to discuss and review our journey as FUE and also seek solutions on how best we can empower our  members with knowledge and skills that can enable them run their affairs effectively’ noted Mugisha adding that they look forward to a bright future. CELEBRATING SUCCESS; Officials of FUE having a light moment. He congratulated the country for celebrating 60 years of the existence of FUE saying they would continue building partnerships with all stakeholders to ensure that their vision and mission was promoted to higher horizons. He  revealed that FUE recently signed a memorandum of understanding [MoU] with the Private sector foundation Uganda [PSFU] with a view of trying to lay strategies of reaching out to more employees and  employers among the rural communities  so that they can benfit from the many programs and projects under FUE. The federation executive director Mr. Douglas Opio  in his remarks pointed out that Covid-19 had a negative bearing on the entire membership of FUE but called upon them to wake up and start walking again given that they have  now mastered the strategies of fighting the pandemic. DISCUSSING EMPLOYERS ISSUES The head membership, development, marketing and communications Mr. shaffi Manafa  also urged other members with businesses to enroll for membership in FUE because they are the voice of the employers in the country who have the capacity to engage the government on pertinent issues that affect their businesses. All about FUE in brief. The Federation was initially registered as a corporate body on 18th August 1960 under the names of Society of Employers which was changed to Federation of Uganda Employers on 17th August 1961 under the Trustees Incorporation Act 1939 Cap 126 Laws of Uganda. Today, the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) is  the official Voice of Employers on social and economic issues which is recognized both locally and internationally as a top-notch employers’ organization in Uganda. ARRIVING FOR BUSINESS; Some of the members registering for the special meeting yesterday at Namanve. FUE is also affiliated to the International Organization of Employers (IOE), Business Africa and East African Employers Organization (EAEO). It is the officially recognized body that represents Ugandan Employers at the International Labour Organization’s Annual Labour Conference. Our vision is to be the leading organization in serving Employers’ interests and needs and our vision is to enhance Employers’ competitiveness through policy advocacy, fostering best employment relations and provision of business development services.

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