Gidudu’s New Political game plan shocks opponents

Gidudu’s New Political game plan shocks opponents

By Our Reporter


Tension  is currently rocking the political constituency for the elderly persons Eastern region as new  intelligence reports suggest that the NRM  MP flag bearer Hon. Dominic Gidudu Mafwabi  has planned to launch his mega  campaign master plan  of which is pregnant with huge development  programs and opportunities of which voters shall extensively eat  big.

PARTY BOSS; Gen.Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the one who directed that the elderly persons must benefit from the many government economic empowerment programs like OWC, NAADS, EMYOOGA and SACCO among others because they are senior citizens who deserve a  better and descent  send off. 

The shocking development came to light yesterday when intelligence sources told this website during an exclusive that Gidudu was out rightly going to outshine all his opponents for the same seat once officially nominated by the electoral commission next week because he has reportedly lined up many projects and programs that are directly aimed at empowering and rejuvenating the lives of the elderly persons.

It is reported that Gidudu who is also the NRM CEC member representing the same constituency has a deliberate strategy  and plans of lobbying  both the  operation wealth creation [OWC] and NAADS to secure him goats, piglets, fish for farming, pouring cash into their SACCO and more cash from the emyooga program were organized groups of elders  in that region shall benefit  such that the projects keep them alive, healthy,  active and earning some income as they await for the final whistle from almighty God recalling them to heaven.

When word went out reportedly detailing Gidudu’s plan of action, tensions and fear gripped the political opponent’s camps with some allegedly lamenting how this Mugisu man from the land of imbalu was headed to defeat them hands down and some are reportedly contemplating surrendering so that they do not spend their hard earned campaign dime only to end up being humbled.


The 71-year-old politician who has held strategic positions like being a member of the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) and the national chairman, NRM Elders League, among others, promises to work closely with government to improve the lives of older persons.

When he was elected as the NRM MP  flag bearer after garnering over 85% of the total votes cast shortly after openly humiliating  all his opponents leaving the five to share the paltry 15% of the votes, he will most likely not going to face stiff competitors from other parties in the 2021 general elections given his strong record of political performance and has vowed to  change the fate of senior citizens in Uganda.

Gidudu laments that majority of older persons lead and die lonely lives as if they have not contributed to the country, because there are no clear policies and sustainable packages for them.

He cites the recently launched SAACOs for older persons in 125 districts and the establishment of emyoga to fund the same which will reduce on financial and social burdens the senior citizens face.


Gidudu says through his lobbying efforts, President Yoweri Museveni has reportedly  directed that under the budget framework of social-economic development within the confines of   NAADS and Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), special  arrangements be made for older persons to receive 30 oranges, 30 mangoes, 30 cashew nuts and 30 pawpaws, among others as a deliberate tool of helping them remain afloat the sinking ship.

Currently Gidudu is reportedly combing the constituency with a mission of identifying his potential beneficiaries such that when both the funds and animals are secured, they are sent straight to the bench marked beneficiaries who are scattered among over  37 districts and nine municipalities in the regions

He pointed out that government  recently launched SAACOs for older persons in over 125 districts and the establishment of emyooga under the chairpersonship of Rita Namuwenge of state house to fund the same which will reduce on the financial and social burdens the senior citizens encounter which are also coupled with gross neglect and deliberate isolation by close family members which incident increases their stress and despair.

Gidudu says through his lobbying efforts, President Yoweri Museveni has directed under the budget framework of social-economic development under NAADS and Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) for them to make special arrangements for older persons to receive 30 oranges, 30 mangoes, 30 cashew nuts and 30 papaws, among others.

The candidate is set for campaigns when the electoral body finally nominates them so that he can traverse the constituency which   covers over 37 districts and 9 municipalities in the sub regions which are divided into 5 zones of Busoga (11), Bukedi (7) Sebei (3) Bugisu (10) and Teso (10) respectively.

He said that alongside mobilizing the elderly  persons in the region to tap into the vast resources of the government, he also targets at reaching out to  the youth who are equally stressed and are increasingly clandestinely seen butchering their parents with the nasty aim of selling off their family land to buy boda boda.

Gidudu noted that the youth need to be engaged and mobilized to actively participate  in productive ventures like working on the fish ponds of their elderly parents when he finally secures the fish from OWC so that those families remain productive leading to a good and harmonious co-existence and living.


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