ED Kisaka celebrates 100 days at helm of KCCA, Lobbies govt for more funds

ED Kisaka celebrates 100 days at helm of KCCA, Lobbies govt for more funds

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The entire technical and political leadership at the Kampala capital city authority [KCCA]  has  collectively urged the government to consider increasing their budget from the current under 1% to 10% given that over 70% of the country’s gross revenue comes from their territory.

ACCOUNTABILITY SEASON; The KCCA loud speaker Daniel Nuwebine  extreme right offers guidance to the meeting as Kisaka in the middle with her colleagues look on.

The call came to Light this week during a news conference hosted by the authority executive director Dorothy Kitaka at the city hall while celebrating   her first 100 days as the head of the technical wing of this grate authority.

She thanked all the stakeholders for the support extended to her when she joined the authority saying it has been a cordial one of which must continue such that all together they can serve the people of Kampala with the sky being the limit.

Kisaka noted that her first 100 days were spent out trying to internalize the internal works of the authority like establishing status of properties of the authority, undergoing projects, meeting and interacting with stakeholders such as religious, cultural leaders, KCCA workers, the business community and the general ministries, departments and agencies [MDAs] of government alongside development partners among other key stakeholders.

The technical team collectively asked the government to increase on the current funding given that over 72% of the total national budget collections come exclusively from KCCA therefore it was wise that instead of granting them 1% of this budget, they would comfortable to work better if they got 10% of that chnk.

Kisaka outlined that several projects like fixing of the street lights, sewerage system clearance, education, healthcare services, social services among others still remain her priority as she continues sitting in this chair however with a humble call upon all stakeholders to join her in making the city a better and good place for both visitors and dwellers.

She also launched the ED connect media platform of which members of the public can freely call in and report any matter of concern so that the authority can effectively and swiftly take prompt action.

The numbers are 0794662222 among others

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