Lumumba denies attacking NRM party dime coffers

Lumumba denies attacking NRM party dime coffers

By Kits D.Mabonga


The almighty God is great as the NRM party secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba who has been under Covid-19 quarantine for the last two weeks has recovered and thanked all the people who stood by her side during that trying moments when she was under attack by corona virus pandemic that attempted to forcefully send her to her creator in heaven even before re she could finish of earthly business.

The beaming lady from Bugiri appeared before the media with pomp and straight away moved out to blast her tormentors who had claimed that she had plundered the party funds in the region of 50bn.

‘Am here to tell the country that it is not true that I stole or grabbed billions of dime from the party coffers as our enemies would wish to portray our good party before the eyes of the population fumed Lumumba fresh from Covid-19 battle field.


She told the 15th media briefing in Kampala that the party account has four signatories who must sign up before any dime can be withdrawn and allegations that she swindled billions of dime was false and unacceptable as the heavy statement was targeting at tarnishing her good public image of which she jealously guarded ever since she was appointed SG several years ago.

All the party funds, according to Lumumba are sent straight to the district NRM party account which is manned by the district chairperson, treasurer and party administrative secretary who are the official signatories with responsibility of disbursing the funds to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries or their mobile money numbers.

She however confirmed that some funds meant for the NRM party youth elections did not reach to its intended beneficiaries and as a result some officials mandated to deliver the dime have since then been locked up in the police coolers while investigations are also still on.

Lumumba revealed that the bicycle and motor bike distribution exercise was still ongoing and that beneficiaries should be patient as the project rolls out.

Turning to the increasing levels of attacks on scribes by the ruthless police and military personnel Lumumba regretted the incidents saying she would prevail over the police boss to ensure that the scribes are free to work however quickly criticized the same scribes she was just trying to sympathize with accusing them of failing to respect lawful orders from security of which sometimes is meant to protect them from danger.

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