Lumumba grills her communication team for manhandling scribes


Lumumba grills her communication team for manhandling scribes

By Our Reporter


The media has a big role it plays especially during this electioneering season as all political animals are out on the loose busy promising heaven on earth to voters in a bid  to vote for them into office and am sure no sane person can dare turn away media that happens to come seeking to help deliver their campaign messages.

Talk about turning away dozens of media houses and this strange but true incident is common at the NRM party headquarters as both security and officials from the

FIGHTING BLACLMAIL; NRM SG Lumumba shortly after addressing the media at Kyadondo yesterday from were she lashed out at some big NRM party wigs trying to tarnish her image. 

communications desk arrogantly and clandestinely keep on issuing matching orders to some scribes that seek to attend and give publicity about the inside happenings within the NRM party especially  key messages about the campaign trail of their party presidential  flag bearer candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The officers manning the media have come up with a list of some few media houses of they exclusively allow to attend and cover the secretary general’s weekly press briefings that happen every Sunday at  Kyadondo and order security to flush out those unwanted scribes who subsequently leave the place wondering as to why and how can a whole NRM secretariat that is in much in need of extensive publicity for their candidates.

After this incident happening several times but officially unknown to the top  party bosses, hell broke loose this Sunday 13th December when over two dozens of scribes were rudely turned  away at the gate, and one scribe who sneaked into the meeting uninvited stood up during question time and openly protested to the secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba demanding to know why scribes who turn up to cover her meetings are turned away without reasons yet most of them fail to attend church service but to come around and cover the mighty NRM party activities.

To her shock, Lumumba who was clearly humbled by this information, straight away apologized to all those scribes and their respective houses for such an unfortunate incident saying she was very sorry about that and that she was not officially aware of such acts by her staff.

‘Members am very sorry about this incident and I can tell everyone that am not officially aware that some members of the fourth Estate are denied access into this compound, she retorted adding that she was shocked about the incident.

‘As secretary general I don’t think if that act of denying journalists access into this compound is right because even this microphone am speaking through right now was bought by tax payers money even this big table and everything in this compound including the facilitation that is supposed to be given out to the stakeholders like journalists because they are coming here purely to render a service to this mass party called NRM’ she lamented adding that she was going to sort out that mess.

However to the utter shock of many, the same secretariat staff including the communication boss Rogers Mulindwa and his juniors reluctantly failed to give facilitation to those scribes that had sneaked into the meeting with the view of picking the SG’s message for their stations which incident caused a lot of unnecessary friction with tempers flaring up at that point.

But when the visibly disappointed scribes put questions to Moses Matovu who directly coordinates the media, as to why he was not giving out the facilitation as openly directed by the secretary general, he adamantly said he was just trying to update his media list and promised to look into their facilitation issues next Sunday a statement that angered the scribes who threatened to confront the secretary general but unfortunately she had left the compound.

The biter scribes told off Matovu that the NRM was not the only party that wants media publicity and that if he continues frustrating them, they would make a choice of covering other candidates who can respect them as useful stakeholders.




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