Varsity Guild bosses condemn violence as country gears up for Elections 


Varsity Guild bosses condemn violence as country gears up for Elections 

By Kitts D.Mabonga


A cross section of university guild presidents have come out very strongly and condemned the recent acts of violence that left over 60 innocent lives lost, with dozens more injured with scores languishing in prisons during confrontations between the security forces and youths shortly after the national unity platform presidential candidate Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi was arrested in Luuka district on the 18th of November.

The guild presidents from over 20 universities across the country who met at Hotel Africana 14th December told the press that they were equally concerned by the recent violent scenes that rocked the country saying they strongly condemn all those that participated in those riots and called for dialogue between the electoral commission, political party actors and the general public in finding amicable solutions to burning issues at stake.

EXPRESSING CONCERN OVER VIOLENCE; The IUIU lady vice guild president Nakibuule Fatuma while speaking to the press at hotel Africana during their strategic press briefing about the recent acts of political riots  which rocked  the country.

The student leaders led by the guild president Law development centre [LDC] Mr. Nuwahereza Alex  pointed out in their joint press statement that their was no need for violent actions but a spirit of dialogue and discussing issues that affect all stakeholders is the way to go however they blamed the nasty incidents on the lack of civic education on election related matters.

‘We urge all the youth to desist from acts of violence because the results leads to death, injury and imprisonment which is not good and w e strongly believe that all stakeholders in this upcoming elections should exercise discipline, respect for one another so that the country holds a free and fair credible election come 14th January 2021’ noted Alex.

TEAM SPIRIT; A cross section of guild presidents drawn from several Universities across the country who met in Kampala to express their concern about the recent violent scenes that saw over 60  innocent lives lost courtesy of a political standoff.

Mr. Godfrey Nuwamanya the Guild president of Kabale University on his part said they are equally concerned about the violent scenes which he said does not portray our country in good light however said the youth should be  hopeful about the future by coming out and vote for any change they may deserve as opposed to taking the path of violence which cannot bring good but bitterness.

Mr.Odur Felix who is guild president Busitema University said the youth need to be given democratic space to air out their grievances like civil rights on political issues of their country and that once not granted, may result to violence which calls for the electoral commission and political leaders to strike a balance on these burning issues that tend to create tensions among the population.

Amagule Sande the guild president from Nkumba the electoral commission which is in charge of the elections should ensure that all stakeholders are brought on board by resolving any matters of concern so that the country can have a free and fair election.

Nakibuule Fatuma who is the lady vice guild president at the Mbale based Islamic University in Uganda [IUIU] said  most youth are currently redundant among communities and that is why some politicians may attempt to give them some little dime in return to fulfill their political ambitions of which may include   among others violence.

Fatuma condemned some politicians who go out to manipulate the youth by engaging them to carry out their nasty and clandestine political activities that may become detrimental to national security however she called for dialogue as the country gears up for January 14th.







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