Bishop Kibuuka calls for peaceful festive season

Bishop Kibuuka calls for peaceful festive season

By Kitts D.Mabonga


As Uganda joins the rest of the world in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ son of the almighty God, members of clergy across the country have come out to send messages of happy festive seasons given the many societal challenges like Covid-19 which continues to claim many lives each passing day.

Among the clergy is Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka of the Janda Namugongo based Mamre prayer Centre who told this website during his special Christmas message to the nation at large that as the country prepares to celebrate this great day that falls each 25th of every December, the population should remember to forgive one another so that as we cross into the new year we are blessed by the blood of God.

‘As we   prepare to witness the birth of Jesus Christ tomorrow, it was incumbent upon all of us to forgive one another for any wrong because the bible preaches forgiveness, love and tolerance in order to achieve many positives’ noted Bishop Kibuuka adding that the country is still faced with bloodletting were many lives have been lost due to political riots in the recent past of which acts must be condemned in the most strongest terms possible.

He called on each of the stakeholders in the electoral process to play their roles without engaging in acts of violence, intimidation, threats, bribery among others but to remember that the country has to continue after the 14th day when the presidential elections shall be geld.

Bishop Kibuuka urged all the people to strictly observe the Covid-19 ministry of health guidelines by wearing face masks at all times, washing hands with soap and observing the social distance practice as tools of avoiding to catch the deadly pandemic which has killed over 238 Ugandans by close of yesterday while thousands more bed ridden.

He reminded his flock about the need to continue raising funds to enable the church meet the land purchase costs at hand because the landlord of the land on which the church sits wants his cut so that they can take up the land for further future development projects.

The Bishop urged the parents to take responsibility of teaching their good behaviors and ensuring that they remain at home at all times doing household chores alongside reading their books.

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