Nabila wishes Ugandans Happy Festive season

Nabila wishes Ugandans Happy Festive season

By Our Reporter


The aspiring lord Mayor of Kampala Hon.Nagayi Nabila Sempala has urged the people of Kampala to take care during this festive season because of the many societal challenges that they may encounter like fighting the dreaded Covid-19 among others.

Hon.Nabila who is the outgoing Kampala district women member of parliament which is the biggest constituency in the country told this website today that she wants all the people to observe the ministry of health Covid-19 guidelines of wearing masks at all times, washing hands and observing the social distance principal.

She said that her interest was to seek the mandate of the people of Kampala to vote for her come next month into office as the first ever lady Lord Mayor of this great city because she has the ability to deliver services that can benefit all the people without discrimination.

‘Am a tested woman leader who has been representing this city in Parliament for the last three consecutive terms and if the voters can entrust me with the mandate to become their next lady lord Mayor of Kampala, I promise to work very closely with the councilors and everybody that matters in ensuring that the fruits that are manufactured within this city do spill over to benefit every city dweller’ pledged Nabila.

She pointed out that her charity organization known as Arms around Africa Foundation [AAAF] has been instrumental in reaching out to many women, youth and the girl children in trying to empower them with skills that can help them setup own jobs after acquiring vocational skills and that she will continue combing the ghetto communities by extending such skills so that the livelihoods of the ghetto people can improve for the better.

With  headquarters in Makindye division just opposite the military police barracks and next to the nearby petro station, any organized groups of youth can approach her secretariat staff to advise them on how best they can access such vocational skills training programs that can at the end of the day transform their lives for the better.

She urged the people of Kampala to vote for Nabila who is contesting on the National Unity platform [NUP] party ticket for the transformation of the country which is home to everybody.

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