Kiwanda,Dombo drum for support as M7 combs Buganda for votes

Kiwanda,Dombo drum for support as M7 combs Buganda for votes

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The NRM party secretariat has urged the people of Buganda to overwhelmingly vote their candidate in te forthcoming general elections because he is the only one with the potential to steer the country forward.

SPEAKING NRM PARTY BUSINESS; The party loud speaker Mr.Emmanuel Dombo while speaking to the press recently.

The shocking remarks were recently made by both the NRM vice chairperson for Buganda region Hon. Godfrey Suubi Kiwanda and the party communications chief Emmanuel Dombo while addressing  the 16th party secretary general press briefing at Kyadondo who collectively urged the people of Buganda to vote for candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni because of his strong leadership credentials.

The two party heavy weights who regretted the sudden deaths of their party diehard veteran politician cum encyclopedia of the NRM alhajji  Kirunda Kivejinja, Farida

Departed too soon. The 2nd deputy prime minister Kirunda Kivejinja who died last week shall be missed by many as being a principal distinguished leader.

Kasse Mubanda the former woman MP Masaka district on NRM party and DP’s Robina Sentongo the former woman MP for Rakai district among other Ugandans who have succumbed to the Covid -19n pandemic saying the almighty God should rest their souls in eternal life.

They urged the population to ensure that they at all times wear masks, wash hands and observe the social distance principal of the ministry of health as the best tools of protecting themselves from catching the Covid-19 pandemic.

The party chairman has been combing the Buganda region districts of Mubende,Mityana,Masaka,Mpigi and is slated to visit Mukono,Wakiso and winds up with Kampala where he is expected to loby for votes from the people so that he can return as president for the sixth straight time.


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