Mukula  to Ugandans; Enjoy Christams,stay safe, vote M7

Mukula  to Ugandans; Enjoy Christmas,stay safe, vote M7

By Kitts D.Mabonga


As Ugandans joined the rest of the world in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, several leaders have come out to preach messages of peace love one another and share everything with all and important of all stay safe during this Covid-19 trying moments and also vote wisely come January 14th 2021.

INNOVATIVE LEADER; Capt.Mukula recently while addressing a high profile delegation of stakeholders during the official launch of the Fortune gas operations in Uganda at Serena hotel gardens at which ceremony the president was represented by the prime minister Dr.Ruhakana Rugunda and the Kenyan born  African Union commission  head of the infrastructure His excellency Raila Oginga Odinga who spoke via zoo technology.

Capt.Mukula is the Fortune gas country board chairman who seeks to create hundreds of jobs as the gas sector takes shape.


Among the outstanding leaders is the NRM central executive committee vice chairperson for Eastern region Flt. Capt Mike Mukula  while addressing a meeting of young people at Sheraton Hotel on Thursday said  as the country heads for the Christmas festive season, the population need to ensure that they remain healthy by strictly observing the ministry of health Covid-19 standard operating procedures which include wearing masks, washing hands at all times and keeping social distance if they must remain alive.

OUR CANDIDATE; Gen.Museveni flashing  his part victory sign

Mr.Mukula who is regarded by many political analysts in the country as one of the best mobilizers of masses especially when it comes to crucial elections, told the over 100 participants that everyone must ensure that they stay safe during this Christmas festive season given that Covid-19 pandemic infections have escalated in the recent past.

The politician from Teso land urged entire population among them, the youth and women to rally behind candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni by voting for him come January 14th next month because he has the capacity to secure their future and would ensure that their demands as young people are fully catered for in the next administration which shall run from 2021/26.

He said that under his leadership as regional party chief campaign strategist, they were happy that candidate Museveni was impressed by the hospitality he got when he visited the Eastern region recently as thousands of people welcomed him through waving at his convoy as he traversed through the region and he urged them to keep trust by voting him for effective good leadership.

Mr.Mukula encouraged the people of that region not to be deceived by  other politicians who are self-seekers bent on making empty promises and at the same time blackmailing their candidate saying they should ignore those deliberate lies but stick with candidate Museveni  who has already scored with tremendous achievements.

He concluded by urging the people of Eastern Uganda to form groups of 30 people so that they can tap into the Emyooga program of the government that targets as empowering them   to start up small holder business projects which in the long run can push them out of the current state of poverty.

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