Maama Kisanja promises to fight off opposition into next parliament

Maama Kisanja promises to fight off opposition into next parliament

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The member of parliament -elect on the NRM party ticket representing elderly person for Central region Hon.Peninah Kalenge Busingye popularly known as maam Kisanja has formerly picked her nomination papers at the electoral commission and promised to give a run for their money those standing with her because she is the best with the credentials of offering effective representation to her constituency.

WE CHERISH YOU SIR OUR FATHER OF NATION; President Museveni flashes his party victory sign.

Maaam Kisanja told this website last week shortly after picking her papers that she has done her ground work and was  ready to defeat all the other nine opponents of hers who have also picked papers vying for the same post.

‘Am going to defeat all the  nine opponents competing with me and thus  become the first MP representing the elderly persons of the Central region which constituency was created recently by parliament’ noted Busingye who political analysts describe as a tough and determined woman who is always committed to knocking on all doors that have opportunities for the elderly persons like state house among others.


Busingye during their NRM  party primaries managed to defeat over ten opponents by a margin of 95% to become the party MP-elect  and has since been seen by many as a determined politician ready to secure all support necessary to ensure that her constituents who are the elderly persons largely neglected by communities and close family relatives do have a strong voice enough to lobby government grant them their needs like healthcare,shelter,welfare and other key social services befitting older persons.


She pledged to lobby her colleagues once elected into the 11th august house to ensure that government sets up a private wing  for the ill elderly persons among all its major health facilities across the country so that they can access quick and prompt medical attention.

She also vowed to ensure that the monthly take home financial package  for the elderly is increased so that it can help them meet the basic needs at household level and also ensure that they are given protection as cases of   increased  incidents  being   harmed  by their very own close family members with intentions of grabbing their land and other  property.

Busingye who was flanked by her strong and ever committed  campaign task force strategists  including Ms. Natasha and Mr. Jordan and others used the occasion to retaliate that she will not accept to buy off any opponent in a purported  exchange for them to quit the race so that she can sail through unopposed saying she wont pay any penny to any body in order to secure her seat in the next house but was ready to battle on until the voters choose the winner through the ballot box.

‘ Ive had that some of my opponents perhaps due to fear that am very strong on the ground may be contemplating to approach me with intentions that i pay them off so that they may quit the race but my official stand is to campaign and the voters decide through the ballot box because issues of one sailing through unopposed was not my best idea but to compete until the voters decide through the box’ noted Busingye.

She urged all her voters across the over 40 districts  and several municipalities of the region to remain strong and committed to keeping their vote secure until that voting casting day so that they can vote for her overwhelmingly this time round to hit 100% of vote count so that no room is left for opponents to contest her sweet victory but a clean and straight win sorts out such issues.

Busingye wished all the people of Uganda a happy festive season and happy prosperous new year of which should be filled with blessings and joy and also effectively reminding them about the deadly Covid-19 pandemic which is killing many people and urged each one of them to remain alive by wearing masks, washing hands at all times and observing the social distance principal of the ministry of health.


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