KABUTA decry Middlemen for grabbing their job

  KABUTA decry Middlemen for grabbing their job

By Our Reporter


Members of the Kampala butchers traders Association [KABUTA] who are responsible for securing livestock from the farm and distributing high quality meat and related beef products across the country are up in arms with some people they claim are mafia who have grabbed their work.

The members have strongly have come complaining how  some mafias have clandestinely hijacked their industry by deliberately taking charge in the supply of cows, transport, slaughter and selling of their end products  an act which has left them jobless.


Sounding the concerns on Christmas day was the manager classic meatex butchery at Kalerwe Mr.Senabulya Sharif was addressing a news conference discussing about the sector performance during the post Covid-19 pandemic era.

Mr Senabulya  said  despite having been  devastated by the lockdown, they were shocked to discover that some balaalo or livestock herdsmen have clandestinely takeover their role of buying livestock from the farm, transport it and slaughter them before they finally distribute the products to their customers an act that has left them with no control of the sector.

Officials from the Uganda national bureau of standards [UNBS] led by their executive director Dr.Ben Manyindo shakes hands with the KABUTA country boss  hajji Musa Senabulya  during a recent function were the two bodies agreed to build strong networking relations in serving the country.

He called upon the ministry of agriculture animal industry and fisheries [MAAIF] and that of trade to intervene by pushing out the herdsmen saying their interference has negatively affected them given that they are left with no option but appeal to government for support.

Senabulya who stood in for the Association chairman hajji Musa Senabulya said they have undertaken several restructuring efforts by trying to streamline the sector especially ensuring that all the mebers do follow strict Association regulations like working in a clean environment which is free of flies and other insects, wearing of aprons at all times and strictly using standard weighing scale machines among other guidelines.


He pointed out that KABUTA also keeps on carrying out abrupt field operations which are all geared towards ensuring compliance with work place guidelines and also ensuring that the Covid-19 standard operating procedures [SOPs] are adhered to at all times.

He urged the customers to continue working with KABUTA by reporting any of their members who might attempt to breach the set guidelines as they would not hesitate to take tough punitive measures because they are determined to offering high quality beef and meat products at affordable prices.

Mr.Senabulya urged government to supply them with high tech beef industry equipment like modern livestock transportation trucks, cold storage facilities for the beef products and slaughter machines as the only best way of enabling them to deliver high quality clean, safe and hygienic meat and beef products to the consuming community.

He concluded by saying that 2020 was a very hard year for them as they were badly hit by the lock down which led to total closure of all hotels, institutions and schools among other groups of consumers of their products but however thanked government for accepting to work with them through giving them guidance in order for them to improve on service delivery potential.

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