How Premier recruitment plans to emerge top job export giant

How Premier recruitment plans to emerge top job export giant

By Our Reporter


AS the Arab world ponders at the possibility of reopening its markets for external jobs amid Covid-19 threat, Ugandan companies are struggling to get back on their feet ready to resume the business of sending out young people to work among the Arab world as a deliberate strategy of earning some dime for a livelihood.

And top on the list   is the highly rated Premier recruitment Ltd which is owned by city tycoon Dr.Sudhir Ruparelia which is managed under the Ruparelia group of companies with exclusive mandate of ensuring that Ugandans seeking job opportunities within and outside the country are given the necessary support to connect  to their  desired dreams.

REAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY; A cross section ladies signing out at Entebbe international airport departure lounge headed for  the Middle East world for work.

Its new general manager Ms.Neelam Budani told this website yesterday from her Crane chambers based offices that Covid-19 had taught them many lessons and are ready to get back on their feet and become the best company dealing with the export of Ugandan workers to the international community.

Ms.Budani explained that Premier Recruitment is back in business  operations and by close of mid March 2020 before outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic,  they had recruited  and deployed a total of 646 young ladies. to the world of work.

She explained that another  2,000 more  young ladies  shall be deployed within the next projected three to four months period of time as they have undergone specialized training sessions which details on how to behave while in the host country, issues of discipline and observing the collective sets of rules of those countries.

She noted that they had been specializing in sending out largely domestic workers in the recent past but are   now focusing on  recruiting non domestic workers in all  areas of  technical or professional disciplines  that would be sent out to the world of work as the demand rises up.

‘After learning new lessons from the Covid-19 lockdown which shut our entire business  for the last over 7 straight months without incomes, Premier shall soon become the sector leader   in  the externalization of labor market company in Uganda given the new tactics they have secured’ noted Budani.

She encouraged all serious people with intention of travelling to the Arab world for work to engage them because they have signed up many contracts with genuine host country companies that shall take good care of them at all times while at their workstations abroad.

COME MEET THE PREMIER RECRUITMENT STAFF; These are some of the  staff members who are responsible for ensuring that all clients are given  the best care of service while at Crane Chambers.

She observed that they are determined to reduce on the youth unemployment rates by helping create a link with those with the jobs so that they are linked to meet the job desires of their life adding that Premier recruitment also has a fully fledged internal job recruitment department that helps connect young people to  jobs within the country cutting across all professions.

Those interested in joining Premier for job opportunities abroad and within Uganda can easily send in their CVs via  or and calling in at 0707555000,0707555001, 0707555008 and  0707555018

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