Why Walusimbi Nvule should become new mayor of Nakifuma Nagalama T/C

Why Walusimbi Nvule should become new mayor of  Nakifuma Nagalama T/C

By Our Reporter


The people of Mukono district specifically Nakifuma Nagalama town council have vowed to vote for the National Unity platform [NUP]  mayoral candidate Mr Walusimbi Issa Nvule because of his strategic and well articulated campaign  manifesto which reflects on  genuine issues directly affecting the youthful population.

PEOPLE’S PRESIDENTIAL CHOICE; Bobi wine Kyagulanyi is seen by millions of Ugandans as the only man who can liberate them from the dictatorship of the current regime which has become extremely violent towards those that attempt to challenge it’s leadership style.

The shocking development came to light over the weekend when residents of this strategic town council told this website during a random mini survey that they would vote for the youthful Walusimbi because of his special way of articulating his campaign manifesto which looks at issues like lobbying for friends who would help boost their plans of setting up an industrial park within the area as the right vehicle of bringing about direct jobs to the hundreds of jobless youths.

The  locals added further that Walusimbi who is also an executive  leader at the Kalerwe based  Nsooba slaughter house or Lufuula has been giving them key development ideas of which constitute his manifesto and among them the idea of bringing an industrial park within the area.

PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT; Kyagulanyi while addressing one of his rallies 

The members insisted that Walusimbi has been instrumental in mobilizing the youth of Nakifuma Nagalama town council to actively participate in any development oriented job opportunities especially self created jobs given that the NRM government which has been in power for over 35 years has long forgotten about them.

The chairman of the Nsooba slaughter house traders Association  who is the boss of Walusimbi, Salongo Sekanyo in a separate interview told this website that Walusimbi is a great young man who is hard working, obedient and has the ability,capacity and potential of becoming the new mayor of Nakifuma Nagalama town council.

THE STRUGGLES CONTINUES UNTIL VICTORY IS ATTAINED; Members of the police force arresting Sentamu Kyagulanyi during the countless arrests has been subjected to by security forces.

‘This young man is reportedly contesting to become the new mayor of Nakifuma Nagalama town council in Mukono district and as leaders of this Nsooba facility,we have no problem with him because he is already a leader on my executive committee and a strong advocate for development among the youth in the areas of Kalerwe and we wish to appeal to the voters of Nakifuma Nagalama to elect him because of his good leadership credentials’ noted Salongo Sekanyo.

Many leaders at Kalerwe including those at the Kampala butchers Traders Association [KABUTA] also endorsed Walusimbi as their new mayor for Nakifuma Nagalama town council because they have reported worked with him in the profession of the meat industry and he has proved to be a worthwhile leader.

Nakifuma Naggalama town council which was recently elevated has villages including  Nakifuma, kaama kaganjo, Busenya nyeddemalwa , Dikwe, Namaliga, Nakifuma west ,Nakifuma east ,kizungu , kitandwe zone , Naggalama ,Nakanyonyi Nakukabye, Nenyodde  among others villages .

In summary they called upon all the voters of Nakifuma Nagalama to go and vote for this young man and would never regret because he has all the credentials that one needs to become a leader at the level of mayor.

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