Block vote plan for Nabila shocks her opponents

Block vote plan  for  Nabila shocks her opponents

By Our Reporter


As the country is left with less than two weeks to the first batch of elections, many candidates are busy promising their voters heaven on earth with hope of being voted into office but all remains to be seen when that day finally reaches.

In Kampala we have reliably  learnt that voters largely from the ghetto communities are reportedly plotting  to grant  Hon. Naggayi Nabila Sempala a block vote  into office as their next  Lord Mayor of Kampala with the simple reasons  that she had  been and still remains  instrumental in transforming their  lives thus the open pledge to reward her efforts.


The new development has reportedly sent shock waves among Nabila’s competitors who are wondering what kind of magic and tactics she deploys to win dear hearts of the ghetto people who are in hundreds of thousands and the real population with those much needed votes.

Some highly placed political analysts have told this website over the weekend that Nabila has all the chances of winning the Kampala Mayoral race because of her silent strategic campaign tactics of reaching out to hundreds of families among the deeply entrenched ghetto localities by way of extending vocational skills training programs to the youth and women who are largely jobless after KCCA law enforcement officers chased them off the city streets.

Secretes why Nabila is powerful among the vulnerable communities


ONCE NEAR THE CENTRE OF POWER MEANS YOU ARE ALREADY IN THE VICTORY TRAP; Nabila is in arms high with Sentamu Kyagulanyi the people’s next president of the Republic of Uganda

This is a simple but highly strategic brain child project of Hon.Nabila given her passion of supporting the vulnerable people especially the young people that is why it was set up with dedication to empowering women, transforming youth and rescuing vulnerable children through rehabilitation, talent development and promotion, entrepreneurship skills, mental & reproductive health, education and Healthcare in order to groom them into useful members of the Society!

Some of the running projects on the ground

African Girls Forward Club

The African Girls Forward Club is a girls mentorship program that engages teenage or adolescent girls to be the best version of themselves.

This is a membership-based platform that promotes healthy living, culture and moral values to create action team volunteers and community change makers. The project aims at restoring the indigenous African values, provide safe spaces for young girls, build their self-esteem, promote value-based relationships, prevent new HIV infections by providing relevant information on various Vital life skills.

EMPOWERING THE GIRL CHILD TO SECURE A BRIGHT FUTURE; Some of the girl children who are benefiting from the arms around Africa foundation project.

Nabila explains that through these clubs, they have used models that mirror African community values which target girls between 12 – 18 years who are drawn from the rich African cultural diversity and use mediums such as fashion, language, practical traditional trainings as well as music, dance and drama.

They normally hold annual cultural gala events which attract different teenage troupes from all regions tackling the challenges of young girls and also  focus on developing well composed and culturally proud young ladies; slaying the African way.



Their main goal is to nurture girls with a difference who will become change agents within their schools and communities.

Program activities

​• Cultural Galas
• Skill Training
• Self-Esteem
• Language
• Tailor-made fieldwork Email:

Address: Plot 5 Katuuso Close, Buziga

Makindye, Kampala

Naggayi began her political career as a Councelor in Wakiso District Local Government in 2001, serving in that capacity until 2005.

She, with others, including Muhammad Nsereko, the incumbent Member of Parliament for Kampala Central Division, established the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

She actively campaigned for the re-opening of the political space to multi-party democracy during the 2005 referendum.

It was not until the run-up to the 2006 general elections, that she formally joined the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) political party.[2]

In 2006, at the age of 35, she unseated Margaret Nantongo Zziwa of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) political party, to capture the Women Representative’s seat for Kampala in the 8th parliament (2006 to 2011)


During the 2011 parliamentary elections, she received 222,724 votes compared to the 164,378 votes her closest challenger, Margaret Zziwa of the NRM received. During 2013, a group of lawyers sued her, the Attorney General of Uganda and the Electoral Commission of Uganda, on a technicality, since the Central Government of Uganda had taken over the management of Kampala on 28 December 2010, and the city had ceased to be regarded as a district.


In 2016 Naggayi faced off with five other contestants, including the incumbent Minister of State for Youth and Children’s AffairsFlorence Nakiwala Kiyingi of which contest she  worn hands down.

The debate to remove presidential age limits from the Uganda Constitution, Naggayi was one of the opposition members of parliament who were forcibly removed from the house chamber by security forces, on 27 September 2017, although she had not been suspended by the Speaker


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