Can NRM win with its purported support base of 13.8m votes as Lumumba Claims?

Can NRM win with its purported support base of 13.8m votes as Lumumba Claims?

By Our Reporter


The ruling NRM party has said it is likely to win the upcoming presidential election with a total vote of 13,862,400 in case all its supporters are mobilized to cast their vote come 14th of this month a position that has shocked many people with political interests in the forthcoming poll with others rubbishing the claim.

The shocking remarks were today Sunday 03/01/2021 made by the party secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba while addressing her first 2021 press conference at their party headquarters in Nakasero in Kampala.

SPEAKING THE BITTER TRUTH; NRM party secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba while making her pronouncements during the her first 2021 press briefing in Kampala.


The iron  lady from Bugiri district said that NRM has 48 elected party officials at each village which adds up to the NRM party structure villages that  are  72,200 villages adding up to 3,465,658.

Without mincing words,she boldly said if each leader managed to convince four people per village it automatically translates into 13,862,400 million votes for the NRM party which puts her in a comfortable win come 14th January 2021.

She urged the party supporters to continue with their work of mobilizing for new members at grassroots level because that is where the strengthen of the party is located.

She revealed that as the chairperson of the Inter political party dialogue council [IPOD],they would be meeting the electoral commission body bosses Monday 4th January so that they can collectively discuss the way forward about how to handle certain issues ever since the campaigns among several districts was suspended.

‘We are going to meet the electoral commission tomorrow as IPOD with a view of trying to find solutions to the many thorny issues at hand given that several new guidelines were recently issues by the EC without consulting all the election stakeholders which incident has affected the current running programs for many presidential candidates ‘ she noted.

Lumumba commended Rtd.Col.Kizza Besigye for being the only high profile opposition political leader to strictly observe the ministry of health Covid-19 guidelines saying the act has really impressed the NRM party fraternity.

‘We would like to fraternize with Col. Besigye for leading by example when he decided to carry out any of his political activity through either social media or mainstream media which is in direct line with the ministry of health Covid-19 guidelines and as NRM we strongly commend him for that gentleman act and we do request others to emulate him’ noted Lumumba.

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