Legal hub Uganda wins HiiL justice challenge 2019

WINNER’S SMILE;Members of Legal hub celebrating victory.

Legal hub Uganda wins HiiL justice challenge 2019

By Kitts D. Mabonga


Legal hub Uganda has emerged as the champions for the innovating justice challenge 2019 Kampala regional finals after trouncing eight others in a stiff competition.

The innovating justice challenge is a competition designed to find the next generation of justice innovations were they look at direct promotion of user friendly justice services for the needy communities.

The legal hub Uganda worn itself a series of packages among them 20,000 Euros for designing easy and affordable justice IT related innovations that are geared towards enabling the poor communities’ access fair justice.

2ND Overall winner;Legit innovations celebrate their win at Kabira country club.

The colorful finals were held on Oct 31st at Kabira country club Bukoto were participants were treated to great fun at the climax of event with mouth watering cocktail party as the winners of the day celebrated their victory.

It was closely followed by legit innovations whose designed web application targets at trying to generate simplified legal documents for small businesses among communities in real time without much hurdles.

Third winners in this category are Bataka court model whose new innovation is an informal justice model that brings together a seven panel of elders who play a facilitating role in the mediation of cases within a given community.

Other players included FIDA self-service kiosk whose innovation is a one stop Center for all legal information relating to land, family ,gender based violence among others.

We had digital land forum that uses block chain technology to create a land title that is secure and also to ensure secure land transactions among others.

In the game was AMUA_-we resolve which is s mediation platform for cases right at village level to ensure quick and efficient access to justice.

Then my guardian which is also a web and mobile application which targets human trafficking by offering support and emergency services to the travelling public while Wang-oo is a male engagement platform where men gather around s fire as was done in the past with the aim of sensitizing members of the community on the law as a vehicle for ensuring male engagement and positive masculinity to prevent violence against women and children.

While addressing the over 100 participating competitors, funders and media, the business development manager, HiiL  Rita Ngenzi congratulated the top three winners saying they would each bag 20,000 Euros as grant funding for accelerating business growth and mentorship , access networking among a string of partnerships across the world among other high profile benefits.

Rita who was flanked by her the Hague based HiiL community manager Kanan Dhru observed that   HiiL is a social enterprise based in the Hague the Netherlands which is funded by the Swedish embassy Kampala to run this programme cycle with strong emphasis to promoting easy, cheap and affordable access to fair justice mechanisms among largely the rural poor communities across the world.

HiiL’s justice accelerator is meant to grow and scale up justice innovations that prevent or resolve peoples pressing justice challenges within their immediate communities so that they can reach many more people she observed.

Rita noted that supporting justice innovations is one of their programmes with strong partnerships of which had enabled them support more than 90 justice innovations worldwide since 2011 and with such support, many of them now have the strategic potential of becoming regional and global players.

She remarked that at this regional finals, they selected the best innovators in the region that provide legal information, legal services or dispute resolutions who are later brought before an international jury of experts to determine the top three winners.

Rita noted that it is a global movement which concurrently happens across multiple regions were the winners compete for a place in the HiiL justice accelerator who later feature in the innovating justice forum programme in the peace palace at the Hague the seat of the international court of justice.

The ceremony was closed by the deputy senior technical adviser at the justice law and order sector (JLOS) Sam Rogers Wairagala who congratulated HiiL for the programme and the Swedish embassy in Kampala for the funding supporting alongside the participants for a job well done.


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